Wig – The Commandments To Choose Well

To properly choose your wig, it is essential to identify your needs. Would you like a wig by fancy or by necessity? If you simply want to change your head, there are no rules: length, color or material. Everything is allowed. On the other hand, if it is a hair loss, there are some rules to follow.

It is best to choose her wig before losing her hair. This simplifies the choice of both the cut and the color as the specialist can immediately identify the style of wig that is likely to please you and which offers the most natural result possible. On the other hand, if you do not have time to deal with it before, do not panic. The specialist will advise you.

It is true, in the past, synthetic hair wigs had quite bad reputation. But today, great progress has been made. Moreover, they have the great advantage of being much lighter than their competitors in natural hair. Cheap human hair wigs also have the advantage of being very easy to maintain, besides being less expensive than natural hair wigs. On the other hand, they cannot stand the heat and leave little room for fantasy. Once cut and color chosen, one can no longer touch it.

Brazilian Weaving – Brazilian Virgin Hair

All have the cuticle intact, are Remy hair virgin. But Brazilian weaves are of superior quality compared to Indian weavings. The quality of Brazilian hair is more up market. The hair is softer and softer. You will also be able to keep your Brazilian weaving longer than if you have an Indian weave. The 2 types of natural locks sold in wholesale market are of very good quality and genuineness guaranteed.

The AAA grade Brazilian hair is a quality designation that defines the best quality natural hair. These are hair that comes from the centre of Brazil, virgin natural hair (never dyed), Remy Hair grade AAA. This type of hair addition is very sought after in Afro hairdressing salons, which is why it is rare to find cheap Brazilian locks. This is why the demand for wholesale Brazilian hair is increasing.

Brazilian weaving wicks are the favourite of Afro salons. You will find your Brazilian wick on the internet and you can have them posed at any hairdresser afro. Be careful to choose an afro salon that has good reputation.

Of note, the natural hair quality of these Brazilian wicks is such that you can keep your Brazilian weaving several years against good care.

The Benefits Of Virgin Hair

The virgin hair is the best natural hair: healthy and in excellent health, there is no range of products that is superior to them. They can be Brazilian, Indian, European, and be made into weavings, wicks, lace wigs, extensions, etc. Moreover, virgin hair is the only ones to accept colorations, discolorations or shadow hair effects. To enjoy total freedom of style (coloring, smoothing or looping), they are the ones to choose.

It is the sanitary aspect of the hair, its irreproachable constitution and its perfect physiological state, which conditions its belonging to the category of virgin hair. A Brazilian virgin hair is a healthy hair and in excellent health, full of vitality. The cuticles are in perfect condition, the cortex of the hair is not dried out and dehydrated. It is strong and resistant.

Unlike damaged natural hair, Brazilian virgin hair does not need to undergo any of the renovation, embellishment before marketing. Of course, they were shampooed and received a nourishing mask.

These are sometimes very aggressive treatments with the aim of stripping the natural hair of poor quality to give them a silky touch, a correct appearance, in short to be able to put them on the market. The Brazilian virgin hair has therefore not undergone such treatments.

The Peculiarities Of Corrugated Clip Extensions

By using wavy stretch clips, you can have the curly hair of your dreams without damaging your natural hair. This solution makes it possible to lengthen a short or half-length hair while also bringing more volume.

Curly hair extensions also lend themselves to different treatments, such as washing and blow drying. They are therefore particularly interesting for bringing more aplomb to hair too thin and to vary hairstyles daily.

It should be known that there are no curly hair extensions made with hair entirely natural and ready to use. The natural extensions are often stiff and smooth, it is necessary to loop the hair manually after having fixed the clips.

In this case, your hairdresser will have to perform a permanent. The disadvantage is that the result may be different from that expected. This stage is indeed very delicate and complicated. It should be noted that the looped extensions ready to be laid are made of synthetic hair.

It is preferable that the length does not go beyond your chest, approximately 40 centimeters. The reason for this choice is simple: the longer the length, the more the loops will tend to discard quickly, a phenomenon that can show a visible demarcation between your natural hair and your extensions.

The Characteristics Of Malaysian Curly Hair

Hair of luxury and high quality, the Malaysian curly hair is even finer & lighter than Chinese hair. It is with this type of hair that the curls are best held with a beautiful rendering. The Malaysian curly hair is usually dark brown, although somewhat lighter hair can be seen at the ends. Some Malaysian hair is particularly wavy, but the Malaysian curly hair is usually naturally stiff with some very light waves.

The Chinese hair is similar to the Malaysian hair; there is no frizz and do not swell after a while like Indian hair. The hair is extremely strong. Virgin, they can be colored from black to platinum blond; it is the only hair that can withstand extreme treatment without degrading the quality of the hair.

The Malaysian hair is one of the most sought after because it is stylish & easy to style without having the shiny appearance of doll hair. It is flattering to women of all ethnicities but goes particularly well to Afro-Caribbean women who have thicker follicles.

Of note the Malaysian curly hair is relatively expensive as compared to the Chinese hair, which is relatively not curly.


The Amazing Origin Of Hair Extensions

While Western women tend to yield to many whims to artificially alter their hair, this is not the case in Asia, where hair is considered by some communities as a religious offering. In India beliefs push men and women to shave their hair at least once in their lives to offer these to the gods they worship, such as Shiva, Vishnu or Murugan. The donors come to be shaved in the temples and receive nothing in exchange, except the hope of a better life as a result of this offering. Unfortunately, it is not a god who will inherit the hair but a western consumer.

Thus, more than 1,400 kilos of hair are harvested each day in India and exported around the world to make real hair extensions. The treatment of this hair is incredible. They go through a dozen bins of different chemicals, are brushed repeatedly, dyed and even “woven” by small hands to recreate natural locks that will then be sold at gold prices in hairdressing salons.

An activity where the more lucrative for the companies is the raw material is entirely free. The impact of this practice in India at the local level is real: job creation and investment in local projects thanks to the money rose.

Virgin Brazilian Hair Online At Competitive Prices From Dyhair777

Black, curly and shiny hair in different length is the best identification of virgin Brazilian hair that always draws attention of fashion enthusiast girls and ladies from across the world. For those who have lost their hair by any reason, choosing the wigs, extensions or wave is a good idea. These waves and wigs are made of pure virgin hair that is ideal to choose.  Depending on your choice and requirement and as per the demand in salons, you can choose them in right closure and texture.

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Choosing the best quality Brazilian hair bundles is easy and hassle-free now. For this, what all you have to do is simply go online and search for the right designer or supplier. China is the industrial hub bringing to you everything you need. Now, you can buy Brazilian hair bundles for your salon or hair care center from a selected manufacturer without worrying about anything like cost, quality and delivery.

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Hair Extensions Cost – Know From Dyhair777

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Malaysian Curly Hair At Dyhair777 For Unique Hair Style

Malaysia is a country where beautiful girls are known for their amazing hair styles and natural long hair that attract women from across the world. Malaysia curly hair is ideal to give your hair style a very special look and to stand apart from the crowd. Interesting thing is that you can get these hair used in wigs and extensions that are sure to enhance your overall look and to make your hair style ever more special.

As far as wigs and extensions made of Malaysian curly hair are concerned, they are made by using virgin hair from the head of young girls who are donating them as per your choice. They are colored and curled in state of the art units and then packed to ship worldwide.

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