Malaysian Hair: Grade 8A

The flip in hair extension is the easiest to add, and remove yourself without any damage to your hair. It is connected from one end to the other by a transparent silicone string to prevent slippage. The extension range flip in hair of nice extensions hair is reinforced at the back by silicone anti-slip clips for maximum comfort without any damage to your hair. They come from a single donor.

It is very difficult to have hair smooth, stiff without devices to smooth which damage the hair or smoothing products. With our stiff Malaysian hair additions, you will find your happiness. This hair is perfect for smooth straight hair because human hair has the steepest structure naturally because of their structure. They are 100% virgin, pure natural. They are supple fluids and silky with natural movements, without tangling. The cuticles are healthy, intact, without forks and in the same direction.

Of not, Malaysian women have a hair that is more silky and denser than Indian hair. The texture is very soft and smooth. They are natural hair with a straight texture, but make beautiful waves when wet. It is also possible to find shades lighter than Indian hair. Malaysian hair is often more flexible than other Asian textures.


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