Brazilian Weaving – Brazilian Virgin Hair

All have the cuticle intact, are Remy hair virgin. But Brazilian weaves are of superior quality compared to Indian weavings. The quality of Brazilian hair is more up market. The hair is softer and softer. You will also be able to keep your Brazilian weaving longer than if you have an Indian weave. The 2 types of natural locks sold in wholesale market are of very good quality and genuineness guaranteed.

The AAA grade Brazilian hair is a quality designation that defines the best quality natural hair. These are hair that comes from the centre of Brazil, virgin natural hair (never dyed), Remy Hair grade AAA. This type of hair addition is very sought after in Afro hairdressing salons, which is why it is rare to find cheap Brazilian locks. This is why the demand for wholesale Brazilian hair is increasing.

Brazilian weaving wicks are the favourite of Afro salons. You will find your Brazilian wick on the internet and you can have them posed at any hairdresser afro. Be careful to choose an afro salon that has good reputation.

Of note, the natural hair quality of these Brazilian wicks is such that you can keep your Brazilian weaving several years against good care.


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