The Peculiarities Of Corrugated Clip Extensions

By using wavy stretch clips, you can have the curly hair of your dreams without damaging your natural hair. This solution makes it possible to lengthen a short or half-length hair while also bringing more volume.

Curly hair extensions also lend themselves to different treatments, such as washing and blow drying. They are therefore particularly interesting for bringing more aplomb to hair too thin and to vary hairstyles daily.

It should be known that there are no curly hair extensions made with hair entirely natural and ready to use. The natural extensions are often stiff and smooth, it is necessary to loop the hair manually after having fixed the clips.

In this case, your hairdresser will have to perform a permanent. The disadvantage is that the result may be different from that expected. This stage is indeed very delicate and complicated. It should be noted that the looped extensions ready to be laid are made of synthetic hair.

It is preferable that the length does not go beyond your chest, approximately 40 centimeters. The reason for this choice is simple: the longer the length, the more the loops will tend to discard quickly, a phenomenon that can show a visible demarcation between your natural hair and your extensions.


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