The Benefits Of Virgin Hair

The virgin hair is the best natural hair: healthy and in excellent health, there is no range of products that is superior to them. They can be Brazilian, Indian, European, and be made into weavings, wicks, lace wigs, extensions, etc. Moreover, virgin hair is the only ones to accept colorations, discolorations or shadow hair effects. To enjoy total freedom of style (coloring, smoothing or looping), they are the ones to choose.

It is the sanitary aspect of the hair, its irreproachable constitution and its perfect physiological state, which conditions its belonging to the category of virgin hair. A Brazilian virgin hair is a healthy hair and in excellent health, full of vitality. The cuticles are in perfect condition, the cortex of the hair is not dried out and dehydrated. It is strong and resistant.

Unlike damaged natural hair, Brazilian virgin hair does not need to undergo any of the renovation, embellishment before marketing. Of course, they were shampooed and received a nourishing mask.

These are sometimes very aggressive treatments with the aim of stripping the natural hair of poor quality to give them a silky touch, a correct appearance, in short to be able to put them on the market. The Brazilian virgin hair has therefore not undergone such treatments.


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