Natural hair extension – Tips for removing braided


When it comes to natural hair extensions, they emerged as a perfect way to add length to your existing hair and offer you completely a natural look. Take a look at certain vital tips to aid in removal of your braided natural hair extensions.

Make a perfect use of comb – You can comb your extensions gently downwards. The extensions will then come out as you continue combing. In order to expedite the process, you can actually gather some braids and then comb them at once.

Wet your hair – You can then fill your spray bottle and also saturate your natural extensions hair. It definitely loosens your braids. This method generally works well in case human hair clip in extensions were braided into your hair.

Use hair extensions removal product or live-in conditioner – You can easily find a large number of products manufactured to assist your with removing braided extensions. These products are of course not so expensive and can be easily spotted at many beauty stores.

Cut the length of extensions – This is, undeniably, a quick way to remove your braided natural hair extensions. You can easily determine where your natural hair actually ends and also cut off your extensions.

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