Buying coloured hair extension – Choose the right colour

You must explore two crucial factors before you consider buying your hair extensions.

First, can you colour your hair extensions? You must ensure you are getting real human hair since synthetic hair can’t be coloured conveniently.


Second, do you actually need to colour your hair extensions? A subtle difference in colour between your natural hair and extensions can be a great thing as it can certainly create a great natural appearance and also can add another dimension to your hair.

The best option is to ignore hair colouring by matching the colored hair extensions to your natural colour or as close as possible. If you are actually capable of getting sample of extensions from the supplier before buying then that is useful. But, this is certainly not possible always.

While colouring your hair, it is certainly preferable to use a semi-permanent colour. Once the semi-permanent is gone, it leaves the same colour as it was before. You must remember the fact that semi-permanent hair colour is perfect for offering your hair a great change. In case you are blessed with dark hair with dreams of being blonde, you must ignore semi-permanent colour.

With such colour, shampooing always lessens their pigment molecules that can certainly cause colour to progressively diminish until all the molecules are gone.

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