Look Glamorous By Proper Using Tape Extensions

10614292_1485594971726671_1094468704787185715_nTape extensions are said to be the most important methods and also their diverse application ways are always maintain to add that quite necessary touch of class and glamour. Those salons and centres dealing in hair extensions care products are generally well equipped to provide different types of hair and also ensure that people get the best value of their investments.

Along with the highly advanced hair extensions care, those professionals linked with such clinics also offer three most commonly used application methods that include Tape Wefts, U-Tip and I-Tip. You are suggested to take a look at the different methods to add such extensions and also make your crowning glory aesthetically glorious and also highly appealing.

I-Tip: It is the first and most common method that generally uses a micro-ring bead mainly to apply permanent hair tap extensions to every stand of hair separately. In this method, hair is generally looped from within the micro ring and equipment, which is certainly quite akin to pilers and also utilized properly for squeezing the ring quite closer around the hair.

U-Tip: While using this method, such accessories are generally attached onto your hair with the use of Keratin glue. It is something that also depends on your rate of hair growth.

Tape Weft: It is another most popular method, Microbead hair extensions are certainly a quick way to apply and also can be easily removed as well.

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